Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flashing Lights, lights, lights.

Wow, what a great 4th of July weekend. The weather cooperated in a major way as we got a weekend of beautiful sunshine and a light sea breeze in Falmouth. I even managed to swim in the ocean, you know it must've been really warm (see below for proof!)

I believe this picture was taken just AFTER Josh got in trouble with the lifeguard for a flip contest with the little girl on the platform. Perhaps Dinna and I scoring them wasn't helping either. Needless to say, B was seated firmly and securely on the beach with Mrs. Levy, SCAREDY CAT!

The barbecues were indeed plentiful and delectable. A huge shout out (again) to the Levy's for hosting us, and being so generally awesome. So glad Ando and Shazam could also join us for the occasion. Here are a few more shots to sum up the great time...
 Being "pink" with the ladies next to one of the fanciest Oak Bluff mini-houses EVAH!

 Strange grown up prom picture of us!

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