Friday, July 2, 2010

Renovations and Celebrations!

I guess its not looking good for this blog so far! A week with no posting :-(  Anyway, in celebration of another great week here in MA let's talk about some exciting upcoming activities...
  • July 4th!! Yes, this means cool beer, hot BBQs, and the beach. The weather report seems to be lining up well for the occasion. B (my better half) and I will be guests of the lovely Levy family! Josh and his fiance are some of our most awesome friends, and after spending a weekend with his parents last year I can see where he gets it from. I'll attempt to take some pictures and post them early next week. Until then, you can find us at Shucker's in Woods Hole. 
  • Kitchen Renovation!! For some reason unbeknown to us, B and I apparently have an affinity for gutting various parts of our house on major holidays (a future post will surely show our bathroom, which was ripped out last Thanksgiving). I'm guessing this phenomenon is due in part to the vacation time from work, and our collective inability to sit still for very long. Below you can see some pictures of what it looked like before I left this morning (and for the preceding three years). 
  • Why yes, that IS the cheapest ugliest linoleum HD offers for sale! What a great eye you have for the aesthetically unpleasing :-) Also, please note the washing machine that is doing double duty as a countertop.
  • See that big white wall of paneling there? And that ugly commercial drop ceiling (completing the black and white look)? I anticipate the disappearance of these items by COB today.  Eventually EVERYTHING will be coming out, and I can't wait to update you on our progress. But for now, I'll just let these ugly images burn your retina's for awhile. 
Well folks, gotta break for now, but I promise to be more diligent in my quest to update the world with my doings!


  1. That microwave is WAY to high

  2. where's the demo shots? maybe some video? the suspense is killing me....

  3. Sasha the microwave is now on the floor of the porch, you should have no trouble anymore :)