Thursday, August 26, 2010


No, we are not back to the future (though the thought of jiggawatts is reminding me of the post below)! We've been collectively dreading the thought of bringing up the required amount of blue board (sheet rock, plaster board, drywall, yada yada yada) since we wrestled with the few pieces required for our bathroom renovations over the past year. Funny how a house that was built prior to the invention of drywall would not take into consideration the ability to fit a 4'x8' sheet up three flights of stairs. doh. Even our drywaller (bringing in a pro for this one boys and girls) didn't like the idea of it, and offered a 50% discount on the project should we find a way to procure the materials and get them into the condo. Procurement was obviously as easy as a shiny piece of plastic with the letters S A V I (not necessarily in that order), and borrrowing the "BIG GREEN TRUCK". Surprisingly, I have become aware that you, dear reader, may not have met the "BIG GREEN TRUCK" yet. Here she is from a sunnier day during demo
The beast can still tackle 80mph on the highway, but sounds like a B52 doing it!! Mucho thanks as usual to B's Mom (by way of B's Dad - the previous owner) for use of such a beaut. 

Clearly, this still left us with the dilemma of how to get the 25 sheets from the truck to the condo. Realizing that this may be a great opportunity to flex the good ol' engineering grey matter, the brainstorming commenced. Plan 1.0 went a little something like this (note: Plan 1.0 was not executed, merely conceived). 
  1. Screw pulleys (x2) into the roof of the back deck
  2. Lower ropes through pulleys down to the back yard
  3. Build "fixture" connecting the ropes with a 2x4 for the drywall to rest on
  4. Tie up the drywall and haul it up 
While in Maine for the weekend I explained Plan 1.0 to my Dad. I believe one of my Dad's many great mantras involves having the "right tool for the job" so he automatically convinced himself (and later me) that Plan 1.0 had to go. Luckily, he totally pulled through by suggesting the use of a ladder hoist. A ladder hoist is primarily used to haul heavy buckets of shingles to a roof. Within 12 hours of the initial suggestion a ladder hoist was found for rent at 495Rental and put on hold... Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado I present...

The hoisting!!! It was so totally awesome (sorry for lack of vocab, but seriously, it was)!! This was our Friday night test run, and by the time I got back from dance on Saturday morning all the drywall (and cement board for the floors) was in the house stacked neat and tidy. Ahhhh... life is good. Special thanks to Mr. Matthew Coolidge, Mr. Steve Sheehan, and Mr. Matty Maguire for their support in the loading/unloading process!

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  1. I am jealous....I want an excuse to play with a ladder hoist!!!